It’s Been Awhile

It has been years since I have written anything on this site, so much so that I forgot my password and the email I used to start this whole thing. I took some years off from the Baha’i Faith and explored other ways to live my life that were beyond religion. I got more into meditation, chanting, nature walks, etc. Then something “clicked” about eight months ago. I started becoming interested in the Baha’i Writings again, as well as books about the Baha’i Faith from a historical perspective. If you know how to look for it, there are a lot of good books written by Baha’i scholars (both “believers” and “non-Baha’is”) on a lot of issues.

I was heartened to see so many positive comments that people made to this page over the years, especially from those who are LGBTQAI. The creation of this site had you in mind especially.

I am going to change the name of this site to “Progressive Baha’i”, as I think it more adequately reflects my views, and it just sounds better.


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